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Social Media Book Promoting

Working as a Marketing Manager for over 10 years you would think it is quite easy to market my book. I have to stay on my game and use every opportunity to talk about my book, Burnt Face without being pushy. Through years of business networking, I have learned to listen to people and find opportunities to introduce conversations about what I am promoting. Here are some of the things that I am using to market my book. I'm sure there are more and it would be great to share some of your ideas or experiences with me.

Social Media Marketing is something that must be updated regularly; daily is a must and sometimes several times a day, depending on the social media platform.


I manage 8 Facebook Pages for my day job and just maintaining them along with Managing a large clinic is very challenging as there are not enough hours in the day. I also have my own personal Facebook which I normally look at in the morning before work and then when I get home at night. I recently added my Facebook Page and check and update this morning and evening during the week and then on and off all weekend. Boosting is something that I have done with the clinics I manage and is a great tool to utilise. Checking the Insights section will determine your target audience and give you valuable information on who you are reaching. I am also going to start using Facebook Live as my launch and promotions happen.


I have only recently joined the Instagram community and am madly taking selfies and putting up quotes that inspire me to hopefully get a good following. I am just starting to get used to the hash tagging. My daughter assures me that I am doing okay with numbers, but I don't like it that I get followers and then they start depleting. Is there an antidote on how to gain and maintain followers?


I have had a twitter account (in limbo) for some time now and never really maintained any tweeting as it was a platform that I didn't totally understand. You can see that from my minuscule number of followers. I'm sure I will master this at some stage...


I have been using LinkedIn for many years to connect with other business people and find this a bit hit and miss. I definitely think it is a good way to connect with likeminded career people. It has also helped to get Burnt Face an audience that it may not reach on the other social platforms.


I am yet to start video blogging, but hope to do this in the near future as we know that YouTube can be a great platform for viral postings. Keep an eye soon for some video updates.


Again I manage more than 12 websites for my day job and keep them all updated by updating them regularly with our newsletters and other events. My own website (this one, obviously) is monitored on my WIX phone app. When I am not asleep, I try to stay online if anyone wants to communicate with me or ask any questions (chat).

Hope to get some great ideas from you soon ;)

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