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Who inspires you?

I am currently in the stage of finalising my book, "Burnt Face" and recently wrote my dedication page. I have come across many inspirational people in my life and this person has been the one who has continued to inspire me to this day.

I haven't written a poem for quite a while, but today I feel compelled to write a brief poem and dedicate it to my Mum.

I am a confident woman today because of you.

Never has anything been to much for you to do.

Supportive and nurturing through and through

Protecting me from those who didn't have a clue

It was your love and strength that guided me

Rising high above all of the adversity

A true survivor I became quite quickly

Thank you for giving me the strength to be free

I wish I could take away the guilt that you feel

Our lives were forever changed, but for the better it would reveal

New beginnings came about because of that ordeal

And we are more enriched with life, isn't that surreal

Love you Mum xxx

My Dad passed away in June 2015 and it would be remiss of me not to mention him as an inspiration for my poems. He would always write a poem in our Birthday Cards and even in his later years kept a little notebook in which he passed his time writing poetry. I don't what happened to that notebook, but I still have his cards and cherish the words that he wrote with all of his heart. I guess I got that from him.

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