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Listen to your body and give it permission to REST!

So, this past week I have basically been bedridden and diagnosed with Bronchitis. I have literally had no energy to do anything but lay in bed and rest up. During this respite, I've had plenty of time to reflect on the past 6 months and that maybe I have been pushing myself a bit too hard to GET THINGS DONE!

Only recently, it was suggested to me that after all of the hours I have been putting in at work and at home redrafting the book, it was surprising that I had not become ill.

"No, I've been fine. I don't think it's been that hard." was my response. I knew that my moods and emotions had been a bit out of sorts, as I had to go back to my childhood memories, but obviously this impacted on me physically too.

STRESS - I'm not stressed!

I like to pride myself on the fact that I handle stress quite well and remain composed and ready to respond rather than react to challenging situations! Although this may be the case, I did not take time out for ME and listen to my body signals. I find it so relaxing at the end of a busy day to lay in bed and listen to guided meditation before sleep, but lately I had been putting that aside. My mind has been a hive of activity and my body has been speeding through the hours and the days, then suddenly without warning, I had to slam on the breaks.

Healthline has some great insight into what stress can do to the body. Obviously, my Immune system took some beatings these past few months and my body was suffering in silence until it decided to scream at me last week! Stress hormones weaken the immune system and opens your body to foreign invaders. It can also increase the time required to recover from illness.

Take the time to rest your body and your mind. I love listening to guided meditations and the overwhelming complete relaxation that it invokes on my mind, body and soul. I have two favourite Apps that I use for guided meditations, CALM and I AM RELAXATION.

Listen to your body and give it time at the end of each day to rest and reflect. Focus on the positive things you have in your life and be grateful for all of your blessings.

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