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Word of the Month: Anticipation

ANTICIPATION is an emotion that involves pleasure, excitement or anxiety in considering an expected event.

I can tell you, that over the past two months whilst re-editing the book and then finalising the draft, I have had all three of the above. My anticipation is now just about at a crescendo as I wait impatiently for the book to come off the printer. Although, I have been assured that in the next day or so I will get a call to come out to the printers and video the whole process.

Anticipation is something that I don't handle too well as I like to have control and tend to want things NOW!!

I have a wonderful editor, Michelle, who keeps reassuring me that everything is fine and that she has it all under control. Thank goodness because my anxiety about the marketing, social interactions and the launch was at fever pitch.

I am now at a level of acceptance that things will fall into place and the forward planning and dedication that has been put into the book over the past couple of months will all pay off.

I go to sleep and wake up with my affirmation: Dream with all my mind, Believe with all my heart, Achieve with all my might and Succeed with all my soul. It puts a huge smile on my face as I picture the whole event and the excitement that is to come.

I am still somewhat anxious as the event gets closer (2 weeks from today), but I know that in the long run, it is what it is and what will be will be.

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