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Zoom Virtual Chat Room

So, I am about to host my first Zoom Conference or as I like to call it my Virtual Chat Room. I have participated in many online business chat rooms, but never hosted an online meeting myself.

I'm really looking forward to hearing from my readers and answering any questions that they may have. It is very exciting to have the opportunity to have a chat forum like this and give many people the opportunity to find out more about my book and my life.

Obviously, the focus will be on me, so I will ensure that the background surroundings at home are all clutter free, my appearance is neat and tidy and that my family are not calling out to me for their attention. I will try to make it a very relaxed and enjoyable meeting environment for all... and yes, I googled online meetings to get some tips before I jump in. ;)

Here are some great tips I found for anyone who is considering hosting their own Zoom Chat or Meeting. Video Conference Etiquette

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