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Broadmeadows then and now!

I grew up in Broadmeadows, Victoria in the late 70s and moved to Mackay, Qld in 1991. Broady as it was known back then was a hive of teen gangs and violence, housing commission estates and vast paddocks and horse riding. Broadmeadows was the last urban suburb before the Hume Highway which then led out to the northern townships such as Cragieburn, Wallan, Kilmore etc. As a child I remember Broady, Coolaroo in particular, as a place where teen gangs meant you had each others' backs, you weren't afraid to walk the streets on your own because you knew someone on just about every corner. It was a place of loyal friendships and families building the foundations for their children and realising the dream of owning their first home.

Some of us grew out of Broadmeadows and moved on to other journeys, some are still part of the culture, but no matter, we all still have a bond that is unbreakable and friendships that have lasted lifetimes, regardless of the distance between.

I have been back to Broadmeadows recently and the changes are remarkable. Suburbs have popped up all the way out to Craigieburn and the roads are a maze of ring roads. My husband and I were leaving Wallan to head to the airport in Tullamarine and completely missed the Craigieburn turn off, ending up at Sydney Road past the Camp Road lights. We had to backtrack and made it to the airport on time.

What noticeable changes have you noticed in Broadmeadows?

Broadmeadows then and now

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