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Burnt Face - Forgiven

Burnt Face - Forgiven

In the blink of an eye you scarred me for life

Burnt Face was the taunt that cut like a knife

The trauma, suffering, pain and tears

How did you live with your guilt for all these years

Your absence and silence, I ask you to reflect

What path my life took due to your neglect

It took years of struggle to break down the mental bars

That forced me to focus so much on my physical scars

A mother’s love and courage made me grow strong

She blamed herself for your actions for far too long

Dear lord I want to be normal in every way

Each night I prayed to god for the scars to go away

As a child I only saw today not how the future would look

As an adult I put my thoughts and memories into a book

Cathartic as it was, I grew to understand

It was all an accident and nothing was planned

If one day I get the chance to look you in the eyes

You will see me as a phoenix from the ashes I will rise

To offer you forgiveness for all that has been done

My life is full of love and joy and my journey has been won!

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