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Burnt Face - Book Launch

My book launch was last Wednesday 11th October, which just so happened to coincide with my birthday. Coincidence, I think not! I was asked by my editor to pick a significant day in October and this was perfect. I must say it was a birthday I will never forget!!!

The lead up to the launch that week was quite hectic as I juggled a full-time workload with pre-launch media interviews and preparations for the event. My boss and dear friend Elizabeth described my demeanour on Monday as being like a cat on a hot tin roof. I was anxious as to how the book would look once it came off the printing press and after ironing out a couple of hiccups, she insisted she take me out to lunch to settle my anxiety. It worked brilliantly. We went to lunch and reflected on the upcoming launch and then it was off to the printer to check out my completed book!

The moment I had that book in my hand I felt an instant release of tension and a calm swept over my whole body. With a grin from ear to ear and iPhone video on hand, I shared that wonderful moment on my Facebook page...even though I managed to put my hand in the way of my facial expression because I was in such an excited state. Anyway you get the message that I was elated with the outcome.

From then on the next two days went by in a flash as finalised the preparations for the launch.

Elizabeth: "Now have you got everything you need?"

Me: "I don't know, arrgghhh. I'm good at planning for others, but obviously not for myself!"

Elizabeth: "Okay, do you need to get anyone gifts?"

Me: "OMG yes!!!!

This is how many of Elizabeth and my conversations went over the course of those two days!

BUT..... the outcome was absolutely amazing!!!! The launch exceeded my expectations.

  • The room looked lovely, thanks to the team at Northern Beaches Bowls Club and Elizabeth's little touches of room decor.

  • The signing table was set up beautifully and my wonderful husband Jason placed the flyers on the backboard and the front of the table to give it a great frame for photos.

  • My children, Shay, Reyan and Brydee along with Danielle and Kim helped with the sale of books, consent forms for media images, guest book signing, photography and ensuring that I was able to keep my mind on my author duties.

  • Elizabeth was my saving grace in helping me to ensure we had everything ready for the night. She even managed to prepare the keepsake video of the night without me having any inkling of what she was up to. (You got that one past me!) Thank you I absolutely love it!!!!

  • The speeches from the Mayor Greg Williamson and my Emcee Dr John McIntosh, blew me away. They were so heartfelt and emotional. I feel very blessed and grateful that they took time out of their busy schedules to contribute to the night.

  • Michelle & Sasha Hanton from Dragonsisters did a huge amount of work in the lead up to the launch and have been instrumental in this whole process from editing to marketing and beyond.

I am so grateful to everyone that came along to the launch and especially those who have supported me throughout this whole journey.

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