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Third Degree Burns Treatment

annette swann burnt face

Third Degree Burns are a burn of the full thickness of the skin, often leaving disfigurement and scarring. I suffered third degree burns to 30% of my upper body including my face.

According to a health information directory third degree burns are usually the result of flame injuries, e.g. when clothing catches fire or a person falls into a hot area (such as a barbecue). My burns were caused by methylated spirits being poured on to a low lit barbecue flame, resulting in the bottle exploding and the man responsible throwing the bottle in my direction.

I was a 9 year old child when this occurred in 1974 and the treatment of third degree burns back then was not as advanced as it is today. The burns specialists opted to remove the burns and perform numerous skin grafts to speed my healing and try to prevent problematic scarring and wound problems. Ointment and bandages were part of my 2 year post treatment along with a plaster collar and felt compression chin strap.

There have been many innovations since then in the treatment of burns and particularly how they are dressed. Obviously, there are now full compression body suits, antibiotics infused dressing that release over several days and even better, new bandages that don't stick and can be removed without causing more pain. I came across this site which has some promising future treatments for burns and reducing scarring. burn_treatment_medical_advance.html

I would be interested in hearing other stories from survivors and/or their carers.

Have you or someone you know suffered third degree burns as a child?

How did it happen?

How old were you?

How long ago did this happen?

How did you cope with your recovery?

I often remind myself, "Hang in there, 'cos it'll all be worth it in the end!"

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